Geonoma pinnatifrons subsp. vaga (Griseb. ex H.Wendl.) A.J.Hend., Phytotaxa 17: 122 (2011)

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Map uses TDWG level 3 distributions (
From 10°38-11°18'N and 60°34-63°10'W on the Península de Paria, Venezuela, the Northern Range, Trinidad, and Tobago at 740(400-900) m elevation in lowland rainforest. Although there is geographic discontinuity there are too few specimens and too many missing data to test for differences amongst areas. (Henderson, A.J. (2011) A revision of Geonoma. Phytotaxa 17: 1-271.)A


  • Leaf pinnae per side of rachis no data.
    Inflorescences peduncular bracts inserted 1.5(0.7-2.5) cm above the prophyll; peduncles 22.6(13.0-37.0) cm long, 5.8(4.0-11.0) mm in diameter; rachillae 12.4(8.4-18.9) cm long, 2.3(1.7-3.0) mm in diameter.
    Fruits 5.5(5.0-6.0) mm in diameter. (Henderson, A.J. (2011) A revision of Geonoma. Phytotaxa 17: 1-271.)A