Physokentia thurstonii (Becc.) Becc., Atti Soc. Tosc. Sci. Nat. Pisa, Mem. 44: 154 (1934)

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Biology And Ecology




  • Trunk erect, to 7 m tall, 10 cm diam., green with prominent leaf scars, with brown stilt roots. Leaves pinnate, 8-10 in crown, spreading, forming an olive to dark-green crownshaft to 55 cm long with brown floccose scales; petiole to 40 cm long; pinnae 25-30 per side, 20-70 X 3-8 cm; margins decurved; minor ribs visible below. Inflorescence infrafoliar, to 50 cm long, branched to two orders; rachillae stiff, white in flower becoming green in fruit; triads spirally arranged on rachillae, on the proximal half only of rachillae; staminate flowers to 6 mm high, pinkish white in color; stamens 6; pistillode angled; pistillate flowers 4.5 mm high, with narrow membranous bracteoles. Fruit subglobose, to 2.5 cm long, 2.1 cm diam., black at maturity, with apical stigmatic remains; endocarp with four sharp ridges, two lateral and an upper and lower keel. Seed similar to fruit in shape (subglobose), to 1.7 X 1.3 cm, with thick ra-phe branches radiating from the upper keel. Eophyll unknown. (D. Fuller, The lost palm of Fiji – a resolution of Goniocladus and a preliminary cladistic analysis of Physokentia. 1999)A

Materials Examined

  • Additional specimens examined: Fiji: Taveuni: By stream on steep slopes below crest of mtn. on trail from Somosomo to crater lake, 23 Apr 1964, Moore & Koroiv-eibau 9353 (BH, SUVA); track to lake, 500-600 ft, 5 Jun 1974 (Koroiveibau & Alfred) Fiji Dept. Agr. L26191, (SUVA). Vanua Levu: Bua: Mt. Seatura, very common, 27 May 1965, (Koroiveibau) Fiji Dept. Agr. 15165 (BISH, SUVA); above Driti Village, on ridge top of Mt. Korotu-nibogi, lower slopes of Mt. Seatura, 250 m, 14 May 1995, McClatchey & Fuller 1105/197 (FTC, SUVA). Cakaudrove Province: Ridges and ravines on upper slopes of Mt. Mariko on trail from Bucalevu Village to summit, 2000-2800 ft, 17 Apr 1964, Moore 9347 (BH, SUVA); track to Mt. Nasorolevu, 2200 ft, 27 Nov 1969, (Koroiveibau & Vo-donaivalu) Fiji Dept. Agr. 17132 (SUVA). Macauta: Above Nakoroutari, side of logging rd., on ridge above Matani Creek, 1100 ft, 13 May 1995, McClatchey & Fuller 1102/192 (FTG, SUVA); along Raciba rd. heading to Mt. So-rolevu, E 179°24.773'S, 16°36.765'E, 600 m, 17 May 1995, McClatchey & Fuller 1116/209 (FTG, SUVA). (D. Fuller, The lost palm of Fiji – a resolution of Goniocladus and a preliminary cladistic analysis of Physokentia. 1999)A