Daemonorops periacantha Miq., Fl. Ned. Ind., Eerste Bijv. : 593 (1861)

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Widespread throughout Brunei. Elsewhere throughout Borneo, also in Sumatra and Johor. (Dransfield, J. 1997: The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam)A


  • D. periacantha is found in lowland and hill dipterocarp forest up to c. 800 m above sea level, preferring the rather better soil types such as alluvial flats and valley sides rather than ridges. The abundant yellowish spines, generally robust habit and the grouped leaflets make this an easily recognised species. (Dransfield, J. 1997: The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam)A


  • Spines all round (Dransfield, J. 1997: The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam)A

Common Name

  • Uwai Lambat (Br.,Dus.), Wi Empunok (Ib.) (Dransfield, J. 1997: The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam)A


  • Produces a coarse cane. (Dransfield, J. 1997: The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam)A


  • Robust clustering rattan with stems climbing to 10 m tall, rarely more, sometimes very short-stemmed; stem without sheaths 15-30 mm, with sheaths 30-80 mm diam., internodes to 35 cm long, very rarely much shorter in short-stemmed forms. Sheath bright green, but very densely covered with bright yellow brown, black-tipped spines of varying length, the longest to 6 cm, pointing in several directions, and dense brown indumentum, spines around the sheath mouth upward pointing, to 8 cm long; knee usually prominent (absent in short-stemmed forms), armed as the sheath but spines reflexed. Leaflets to 45 on each side of the rachis, irregularly arranged in rather distant groups of 2-7, the longest leaflets to c. 40 × 3 cm, bristly near the tip. Inflorescences to 1 m, including the peduncle to 50 cm, each bearing up to 10 partial inflorescences, each subtended by a leathery, bristly, brown hairy bract, falling at anthesis, the bracts to 30 × 4 cm; rachillae conspicuously brown tomentose. Mature fruit rounded or very slightly obpyriform, to 22 mm diam., covered in 15 vertical rows of pale straw-coloured to pale brown pink-tinged scales. Seed rounded to 15 mm diam.; endosperm deeply ruminate. Seedling leaf not known. (Fig. 27). (Dransfield, J. 1997: The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam)A

Materials Examined

  • BEL: Labi, Sg. Rampayoh, Coode 7280; Melilas, Sg.Ingei, Wong 609; Sungai Liang, Andulau F.R, Wong 321. TEM: Amo, Belalong, Stockdale 3; Amo, Belalong, Stockdale 5; Amo, Belalong, Stockdale 7; Amo, K.Belalong, Wong 224; Amo, Kuala Belalong, Stockdale 2. (Dransfield, J. 1997: The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam)A


    A. Dransfield, J. 1997: The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam